Removal of Blood, Bodily Fluids and Faecal Matter 

In situations such as nursing homes, hotels, residential areas and hospitals, it is important to minimise the risks associated with products such as blood, bodily fluids and faecal matter. Our full decontamination service quickly breaks the chain of infection, minimising the risks to those in the vicinity. 

Deep Disinfection Clean Following Virus Outbreak 

Viral outbreaks need to be quickly contained to minimise risk. As part of your response to this situation, a deep disinfection of rooms and communal areas may be necessary. We understand the importance of a rapid solution to keep you and your people safe whilst minimising disruption to your business’ operations. 

Preventative Cleans 

Preventative cleaning can help to minimise future risk. It can be undertaken to make an environment completely hygienically clean. For example, a preventative clean of a room may be of particular benefit before a vulnerable person takes residence there. 

Electrostatic Fogging / Disinfection Spray 

Electrostatic fogging and disinfection sprays ensure all areas in an enclosed environment are fully sanitised. These methods offer comprehensive cleaning – especially important after an infection outbreak, or in areas where accessibility is a challenge. 
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